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Employment and the 4th Industrial Revolution

Employment and the 4th Industrial Revolution


According to some experts, society stands at the beginning of a technological transformation that will drastically transform our way of life, from the jobs we have, to the way we communicate with others: the Fourth Industrial Revolution. This event will transform the methods of production, but before getting into the subject it is essential to first define the three revolutions that precede it.

During the First Industrial Revolution, we used the energy of steam and water to mechanize production, allowing the mechanization of industrial processes. The Second Industrial Revolution was accompanied by two catalysts, electrical energy and the assembly line, which led to the creation of mass production. Finally, the Third Industrial Revolution implied information technology, which allowed the automation of production.


Welcome to the Fourth Intelligent Industrial Revolution  4rth Industrial Revolution Intugo

Now, it is important to note that the Fourth Industrial Revolution is characterized by a range of new technologies that merge the lines of the physical, digital, and biological spheres. The way we incorporate technology into our daily lives is progressing with the development of nanotechnology, Artificial Intelligence, and robotics, impacting all disciplines, economies, and industries.

The phrase “Data is the oil of the 21st century” has taken on great importance in the scenario of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, since not only has it seen a transformation at the operational level, but it has positively impacted every activity or production process in an organization. Currently, there are two factors that have made possible the optimization of processes and resources and the use of data. Being these two concepts, the internet of things and the Big Data and Analytics. But what kind of impact will this have on our jobs and economic sectors?


Changes in the Workplace

The labor market is one of the areas that will have the greatest impact. The workplace and the configuration of the labor market will be two of the areas where the impact will be most significant. According to some expert estimations, millions of jobs will be lost in industrialized countries in the forthcoming years, thanks to robotization and mechanization. While some of these jobs will disappear completely, others will simply innovate to adapt to market demand, fulfilling needs that were not previously required for a specific area, but are now critical, such as better knowledge of technology and engineering.

Crimson Education, a platform created to help students gain admission to top universities, predicts that advances in technology and machinery will be so great that by 2030 new unique jobs could be created, such as alternative energy consultants, organ or body part makers, or mind transfer surgeon. To remain relevant in the labor market, it is crucial that science and technology are given priority in education systems worldwide so that students are motivated to pursue STEM-related careers and develop the skills needed to succeed in them from an early age.


4rth industrial rev intugoMexico has already begun to address this situation. In 2019, together with several business and technology organizations, the Government began to develop strategies to promote science, technology, and innovation professions to attract young people to these fields. Particularly young people, who are often more reluctant to pursue a science or engineering career. It is important to note that even those who have studied social sciences or humanities should not feel excluded from a career in technology, as graduate courses are always available, regardless of the original education. As Silicon Valley executive Jean-Marc Frangos stated “The right mindset is the most valuable skill to develop because the sciences always welcome people with a curious and open mind”.

Therefore, Intugo is committed to connect you to IT Mexico’s bilingual top talent, to achieve the success of your operation. Our small and mid-size teams help you tackle your global talent needs. Intugo’s unique business model, allows you to build your team in Mexico, without sacrificing your own management culture and the way of getting things done.

See our infographic about the 4th Industrial Revolution.




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