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September 10, 2019
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September 19, 2019
Grand Opening of Internet Brands New Facility in Hermosillo, Sonora

Hermosillo, Sonora, March 14, 2107.- Intugo is pleased to announce the Grand Opening of Demand Force’s new facility. Demand Force is part of the Internet Brands group of companies, specializes in marketing automation and reputation management in the Dental, Medical, Automotive and Veterinary industries. Its new facility in Hermosillo, is part of the growth that Internet Brands has developed in the marketplace.

Intugo, with a relationship with Internet Brands since 2009, is extremely proud to be a key partner in Internet Brands’ growth in its operations in Hermosillo, Sonora.

INTERNET BRANDS receives more than 100 million visits a month in its websites with information and contents in automotive, health, legal counseling, travel, advertising, and marketing for small and medium enterprises.

INTUGO combines the cost savings and efficiencies of outsourcing with the power and control of establishing your own operation. Unlike outsourcing options that exist around the world, Intugo enables clients to protect their unique culture, management approach, and intellectual property.

Managers from Demand Force, attending the event explained how Demand Force serves its clients, and how important this operation is in their whole strategy.

Personalities seen at the event are, among others:

Jorge Vidal, Secretary of Economy for the State of Sonora,  Enrique Ruiz, Director of Copreson,  Felix Tonella, General Manager for Intugo, Carlos Espriu, VP of Operations for The Offshore Group. For DemandForce: Ezequiel Silva, Director, Technical Support Operations, Gabriela Moreno, Call Center Manager, Rodrick Williams, Project Manager, Steven Moore, Facilities / Purchasing Manage, Héctor González International Recruiting Coordinator, Daniel Chavez – Care Manager

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