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How Does Intugo Build Loyal, Professional Teams in Mexico?

How Does Intugo Build Loyal, Professional Teams in Mexico?

Entering a new market is always daunting, especially when you don’t speak the language and have no experience of doing business there.

Aside from the challenges of navigating employment regulations, finding a suitable workspace, and deciding where to put your desk, the most difficult task is finding talented, reliable employees to join your new team.

Think about it: once the job has been publicized each applicant requires an in-depth vetting process, at least one interview, drafted contracts and benefits agreements, all of which require skilled HR professionals with knowledge of local employment laws.

When starting from scratch this is a laborious process that can often take months, especially if you’re in need of people with specific skills.

Luckily, Intugo is there to remove these challenges from the equation, with a dedicated recruitment team that acquires, processes, and welcomes the perfect candidates into your Mexican operation.

Here’s how we do it.

Aligning Cultures

You’ve spent years developing your unique company culture, so you want to be sure new team members fit into that culture like a glove.

When entering a new country, people who possess both the talent and the necessary cultural alignment can be incredibly challenging to find, which is why Intugo hires for dozens of different positions, including customer service agents, operations managers, analysts, software developers,  and marketing professionals, among many others.

During the handover process, Intugo will work to understand your business as well as you do, focusing on what makes your culture unique and creating an ideal profile for candidates. We then reference that profile against our list of applicants to find your cultural match.

“For me, it’s very important to know you, your company, what you expect, what you like, and what works for you – that would be the first step,” said Martha Cortez, HR Coordinator at Intugo. “Once we have that information, we are very good at getting to know candidates’ profiles, their experience, their personality, their expectations, and their potential to match with your company.”

The whole process ensures that your teams in Mexico have the same business culture as back home – you won’t even notice the difference.

Singling Out Specific Skills

Once you’ve decided to come to Mexico, you’ll want to get the ball rolling as soon as possible, but only after finding the perfect team members to keep things humming along. Whether you’re opening a nearshore contact center or expanding your software company into a cheaper labor market, you’ll need skilled, reliable people you can trust.

Mexico is a hotbed of well-educated, hard-working talent, and produces hundreds of thousands of university graduates each year, so there really is no shortage of people to choose from.

Before building your team in Mexico, we will ask about your exact education requirements, such as diploma-level or high-school level qualifications, along with your preference for English-language skills and other special requests.

We will then post the ads, filter through the best candidates, and single out the right people for you, giving you the chance to interview our top picks so you can have the final say.

“Most of our potential clients come to Intugo for one main thing: talent,” said Michael Mocilac, Business Development Manager at Intugo. “This is because they often can’t find or can’t afford talent in their locations. We pride ourselves on our ability to help clients find talent and make it easy for everybody to grow with an extension of their team back home.”

Navigating Labor Laws

Mexico has extremely strict labor laws that primarily favor employees. For instance, did you know that the act of firing someone will cost you three months’ salary, paid directly to the worker?

There is also a mandatory annual bonus called an Aguinaldo, which is equivalent to at least 15 days’ wages. This must be paid every Christmas or the employer can be fined a hefty sum.

Thanks to our longstanding presence in Mexico, Intugo is adept at navigating these laws seamlessly. In other words, we manage this aspect of your business so you don’t have to. In fact, our Master Services Agreement model is a US contract based on US corporate law, so your company is not exposed to the Mexican side at all.

This peace of mind allows you to really focus on developing and connecting with your new team members, rather than worrying about the terms and conditions of working with them.

Retaining the Best People

Like most developing markets in the world today, the fight for talent in Mexico can be an arduous battle, which is why we focus heavily on employee retention.

Once the hard work of finding a skilled cultural fit is done, think of your team in Mexico as working at a mini embassy – your employees work for you, nobody else. In fact, employees are contractually prevented from working at another company within the Intugo facility for at least six months, so they can’t fly the coop if they get a better offer from a nearby competitor.

Retention is also heavy influenced by workspace design, so we provide facilities that are fun and comfortable to spend time in. Our spaces are a home away from home for your employees, allowing them to make new friends, attend social gatherings, and relax on their breaks, all of which helps with retention.

When it comes to team building, Intugo are the experts. Simple as that. Our goal is to help your company grow and become more competitive by handling the challenging recruitment stuff, freeing up your time to focus on your core business.

Now, where are you going to put that desk?

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