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March 20, 2020
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How to Remote with a Nearshore Company


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Working with a Nearshore Team means managing remote activities almost by definition. But remote may also mean better talent availability from different talent pools in the market.

Within n the past several years, the percentage of companies that have been opting to carry out their daily operations by employing a remote workforce has increased.

Now with COVID-19, this concept model has been proven; this trend has become a potential business model to consider. If we ever heard the word “remote” mentioned immediately, we would think that this performance would be slow and complicated. However, for Nearshore companies, this has been business as usual model. Maybe “easy” would not bare the right word to describe it, but definitely productive and cost-effective.


How have Nearshore companies adopted to remote work?

  1. Top talent acquisition

In a time of constant change, the idea of working remotely is more powerful and essential than ever. Nearshore companies hire the best professionals, with the most suitable profiles, regardless of the residence of the applicants. Some people prefer to stay in their hometown. This model allows just that.


2.  Setting up communication processes

In a world full of technology, planning communication processes is are not a complicated task. Now, holding work meetings or transmitting information to employees through technology by text, audio, or video communication is a creative and dynamic alternative. By working remotely, employees feel committed to providing their perspective, collaborating with their leaders, or other team members in the decision-making process. On top of that, increased savings on travel expenses, reduction of absenteeism rates, and employee turnover are additional benefits.


3.  Use of appropriate tools

Either Zoom, Microsoft Teams or Google Hangouts, or any other remote meeting tool, 2020 has made everyone an expert on how to have a productive remote meeting (or maybe a great remote party!).

Intugo Zoom Meeting


These companies implement this modality by optimizing workflows and communication, establishing procedural and control standards, and having the necessary technology required. But you may ask yourself, how do I lead my company to success by implementing telecommuting? The answer is straightforward, and we present to you the following three key points to achieve optimal results.

  • Communication – Communication is key to effectively managing your remote team, helps you improve the effectiveness of your business, as well as the speed of problem-solving and the continuous improvement of your organization’s working relationships.


  • Motivation – We must keep in mind that our human capital is the tool that will help us increase productivity, making us more competitive in the business world. Motivation is considered an indispensable factor, it increases the autonomy and loyalty of your employees, turning them into skilled professionals with the necessary knowledge to be able to face unexpected challenges and adopt the flexibility to adapt to changes. A tip we offer to keep motivation constant and encourage healthy competition in your remote work team is assertive feedback; an example of this is a recognition in the closure of certain activities or projects.


  • Collaboration – Building trust will allow your members to perform activities or functions responsibly. Your remote work team will be able to share professional information in a fluid manner, bringing all members into cohesion. It is essential to mention the improvement in response capacity, leading to a reduction in the execution rate of projects.


These were three key points that are considered essential for the excellent work remote implementation.

At Intugo, we have specialized in helping companies in creating and managing productive teams. With “remote” being as close as ever, we are committed to providing the best in class service for your nearshore strategies. Our unique business model allows you to build your team in Mexico without sacrificing your own management culture and leadership.

See our infographic about Remote Work


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