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July 7, 2020
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BPO in Mexico
January 31, 2023
How to Improve your Call Center Operation’s Performance

How to improve your Call Center Operation’s performance?


Have you ever wondered how companies that started with only three or fewer employees have become the largest in the world?  How have they grown, and why are they classified as the most valued? A simple and precise answer, yet a challenging task to perform. For a company to grow and sustainably increase its competitiveness and profitability, it is necessary to increase its productivity.

Currently, there are different fundamental factors to generate greater productivity, among them are innovation, management processes and methodologies, training, welfare and satisfaction of employees, and the motivation and commitment of them towards the organization. In this blog, we will provide you with tips on how to increase productivity in your call center operation.


Tip 1. Define performance standards

Can you imagine a company where employees cannot identify where they are and where they should go? An atmosphere of chaos. Due to the negative scenario mentioned above, we can witness the importance of defining our company’s performance standards. It is necessary to emphasize that these are not easy to set, since they are derived from the analysis of the position and behavior that is considered adequate in the performance of each member. 


We must base ourselves on the roles and responsibilities of each position so that we can establish which elements are considered essential and which should be most valued. Once we have selected and determined the performance standard, an evaluation system will be necessary.  The evaluation system of KPI’s such as customer satisfaction, first call resolution,  lead time, and quality of contact, will provide effective learning that will benefit your company for more efficient management of performance improvement. 


call center motivation


Tip 2. Focus on team motivation

Being a company with human talent as one of its major priorities, we say that a motivated team is a perfect strategy to maintain a comfortable and proactive work environment. There are a lot of benefits of having a motivated team, as well as a greater commitment to the company, greater business competitiveness, better reputation as a good employer, innovative ideas to improve processes or activities and reduce risks of accidents at work.

Alright, we have already seen some reasons to keep your team motivated, but now we will provide you with some recommendations to achieve maximum performance in your Call Center operation. For keeping the interest, involvement, and commitment of your employees, it is necessary to implement a work incentive plan:

  • Working hours flexibility: Whether it’s reducing lunch hours, increasing work hours during the week to have an afternoon or a day off, offering your workers to design their schedule, or even offering counselors a “personal rule” to incorporate into their schedule, will help increase the quality of life of each of your workers and facilitate the reconciliation of work and family.
  • Selecting days off and vacations: Consider giving your employees some extra time, an extra day of vacation, or allowing them to choose their own. In this way, you will balance between work and leisure, generating a positive atmosphere.
  • Recognition of achievements: Recognizing the effort of your employers and sharing best practices will help reinforce the individual’s behavior and support other advisors to help them improve their performance similarly. It will increase the level of competitiveness and loyalty and reduce the level of turnover.

call center meetingTip 3. Integrate your Staff

We consider integration as a necessary element to being implemented since relationships of respect and trust among the employees lead to greater collaboration and efficiency in your operation. Organizing meetings of team leaders and agents, either remotely or on-site, is a strategy that will help you strengthen the group identity, increase performance, and improve positive relationships within the organization. Intugo’s operations center features daily morning meetings that follow-up on the quality and improvement of each team member. In this way, we enhance the development skills of our employees, motivating them to perform at their full potential. We recommend to hold these meetings at least once a week, but remember to keep them brief, attractive, and with purpose. 

Being open to suggestions or comments, offering feedback, and trusting your employees are keys to improve working relationships. Don’t be afraid to promote the coexistence inside and outside your operations. Intugo encourages the creation of sports games, awareness events, and holidays. We also motivate our team members to participate in charity and social responsibility events. 

With Intugo, you can outsource your call center operation most easily and effectively. Our unique business model allows you to have the power and control to establish your operation in Mexico, protecting your culture, your management approach, and your intellectual property.  We recruit the very best bilingual talent, providing you with specialized office services support, the right telecommunications infrastructure, and world-class facilities. 

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