Make your business grow, increase your productivity and thrive with our talented teams while lowering your operational costs.

With Intugo’s business model, you can build a team of talents with the skills and experience you need to set up a successful operation in Mexico, with ease.

No matter what the business line is, accurately collecting and analyzing data is an essential activity for every successful organization, because it keeps record of a wide variety of documents and databases and the information helps executives design business strategies, determine objectives and enhance weaknesses.

By nearshoring with Intugo, you can increase the quality and productivity of your data entry operation, focus on the core aspects of your business and have access to a large, well-educated talent pool, which in addition to being bilingual, is familiar with American business practices, particularly in our near-the-border locations, such as Tijuana, Hermosillo and Ciudad Obregon.

With Intugo’s unique business model, you can set up an office in Mexico with ease, because you reduce your operational costs while keeping your company’s culture, intellectual property and management approach, allowing you to emulate the success of your current operations.

Quick Facts about Data Entry


Mexican data entry employers


Acceleration of the CAGR of the data-entry market


Generated by the US data entry industry in a year


Top industries benefited from data entry: IT services & Telecom Industry

Intugo’s unique business model makes it easy for companies of any size to establish their own nearshore data entry operation in Mexico.

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