We provide large-scale solutions, expertise, and resources to meet your business goals.

The business environment is evolving and requiring nearshore outsourcing more than ever before, within its customer expectations too. Efficiency, high security and a committed partner are required to meet and exceed them. 

Nearshoring your business operations in Mexico gives you the opportunity to hire a professional, cost effective workforce, thanks to the thousands of young talents that graduate every year from top-quality universities. Our country’s large talent pool allows you to build a team of skilled professionals, trained to perform in a number of fields, so your operation can include various departments, such as accounting, tech support, sales, call center of back office.

Intugo can provide a dedicated private office space for operations with as few as 10 employees, or as large as several hundred people. Your team will be trained by you and your office space can be arranged to your exact specifications, so you can keep your business culture and your way of getting things done.

Talented professionals to support all kinds of operations


Establish your own nearshore BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) or back-office support operation in Mexico. From data entry for healthcare to provisioning of mobile telephones to support complex telecom systems, our model allows you to tap on the right talent, which combined with your control and our bundle of services, makes the perfect combination.

Call Center

Intugo has all kinds of professionals available to support your operations. Whether it is tier-one tech support, or remote customer support functions, you can have your own dedicated office for as many people as you need. Your call center operations supported by Intugo are customer service, collections, account management, tech support, inbound sales, lead generation, and much more.

IT Development

Mexico is already the de-facto place to locate an IT outsourcing hub in Latin America. Intugo has operations in Guadalajara, Jalisco, known as the Silicon Valley of Mexico. Your IT operation is responsible for performance management, software development, infrastructure availability, security, capacity, among others.

Helping you and your nearshore operations’ needs as you grow with ease

Quick Facts about Large Operations

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headcount hired by Intugo for one client

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On average in higher productivy of any industry with large size companies

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of the business population represents large businesses

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million jobs created by large companies in Mexico

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Intugo took us to the talent market in Mexico and helped us understand what we were going to be able to do, Working together helped us grow.”

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The Intugo Business Model

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Reasons why large operations are nearshoring in Mexico


Large business operations find Mexico the ideal solution due to its privileged geographic location and great diversity in resources and activities. Multiple benefits in different areas of Mexico are to be delivered, not available in many other countries.

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Human Capital

With a high investment in public education and some of the best international universities building top professionals across industries, Mexico possesses a large pool of talent and qualified candidates for your nearshore operation.

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Providing world-class real estate and cutting-edge infrastructure throughout the country. Mexican infrastructure sectors include technology, transportation, highways and rails, airports and ports, electricity, hydrocarbons, and hydroelectricity.

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Business Environment

The emerging country offers a large domestic market and its wealth of resources to foreign companies at lower costs. Examples of operations targeted are financial, BPO, call centers, retail, manufacture, aerospace, automotive, IT development, insurance, and back-office support.

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Intugo Business Environment

Why Mexico?

Mexico’s proximity to the U.S. allows you to find talent that understands -and sometimes even share- American culture, so your company can keep the identity that has always had. Similar time zones are also a huge advantage of proximity, as real-time communication is always available.

Mexican talent is eager to be part of a company that helps them grow as professionals. With about 115,000 engineers graduating in Mexico every year, many of them speaking English fluently, all of your operations, no matter how big or small, will be performed by highly skilled professionals, recruited to suit your particular needs.

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Intugo’s unique business model makes it easy for companies of any size to establish their own nearshore large operation in Mexico.

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