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Intugo connects you with professional, bilingual talents from all over Mexico to support your operations and increase your productivity, all while reducing your operational costs.

Technology is progressing at such a quick pace, that finding radical changes in businesses and their work environments has become inevitable and recurrent. Remote Working is a labor style that has become increasingly popular in recent years, because it allows employees to perform from their preferred location -typically their own homes- and in more a flexible schedule.

Remote working benefits both employees and employers. A better work-life balance, reduced stress levels and fewer work-related expenses are valuable advantages for employees, while employers benefit greatly from a larger talent pool, increase in productivity, and even gain a recruitment advantage, as remote jobs tend to be very attractive for prospective employees.

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Finding educated, bilingual talents in Mexico is easy and remote working is an appealing offer for many of them. With Intugo’s unique business model, we take care of recruitment and training of talents, as well as the management of your remote operations, while you take the important decisions, just like you would back home, keeping your business and management culture and emulating the success of current operations.

Quick Facts about Remote Operations

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HR and Recruitment Professionals consider labor flexibility a key


Remote employees are more productive


Mexican Remote Workers

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Working remotely allows me to make better use of my time, it saves me the time of commuting to an office, not to mention avoiding traffic and fuel costs. It also allows me to carry out my work from different locations, for example from my parents house, a friends house or in a hotel outside my city”

Edgar C. – API Developer / Platform Engineer

Read our blog (below) that highlights “How to Remote with a Nearshore Company”. You may also view  case studies that highlight actual Intugo clients. Compare the Intugo model to your current outsourcing options.

Intugo’s unique business model makes it easy for companies of any size to establish their own nearshore remote operation in Mexico.

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