The IT workforce in Mexico is strong and it has grown exponentially over the years. Find with us the right talent for your operation.

Intugo recruits outstanding talent with the right skills and experience. Nearshore your IT operations and make your business grow and succeed.

Digital innovation has become an essential tool for businesses over the years. Through information technology, companies are able to optimize their processes, improve the quality of their products and services and design better financial and marketing plans. For this reason, companies are focusing their efforts into finding the right IT talents.

Mexico is already the de-facto place to locate an IT outsourcing hub in Latin America. Our universities offer a wide range of tech-related courses and due to the large talent pool of engineers, designers and programmers, building a strong team in IT is especially easy in locations such as Guadalajara, where many major tech companies have set up their R&D offices.

Compare the benefits Intugo offers for IT and Software Development operations and find the right business strategy for you:

Intugo Small Business Solutions

For Small IT Operations

Intugo’s CoWorking Model, allows small companies to quickly start, even with a team of ONE.

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For Mid Size IT Operations

Our mid-size teams solutions help you tackle your global talent needs. Existing clients control access to their own space at our facilities, creating the right environment for your team to feel your business culture.

Sample IT & Software Developers Profiles

Team Lead .Net Intugo



  • Team Lead


  • Software Development using Microsoft .Net Framework and .Net Core.
  • RESTful API development.
  • Azure Logic apps and Functions.
  • Responsive webpages using HTML5, CSS, Bootstrap & Jquery.
  • SQL server and Azure SQL databases.
  • Agile methodologies.
  • Task decomposition and ticket creation for JIRA & Azure DevOps boards.
.Net Developer Intugo



  • .Net Developer


Develop, fix errors and test software on existing projects by using:

  • C# .Net Core
  • MVC
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • SQL Server Database
  • AJAX
  • SOAP
  • Angular
  • Azure Services
API software developer Intugo



  • API Software Developer


  • API and Software development.
  • RESTful APIs design and contract development using Swagger and Open API Specification.
  • RESTful API best practices and standards assessment.
  • API Gateways and proxy development experience using Broadcom Layer 7 (formerly CA Gateway), Google’s Apigee Edge, Microsoft Azure API Management.
  • Net Framework, .Net Standard and .Net Core.
  • Azure CosmosDB and SQL Server.
  • Azure Service Fabric, Reliable Services.
  • Azure Functions and Logic Apps.
  • Azure Service Bus.
  • Azure Application Insights.
  • Agile Methodologies.

Get to know Intugo’s IT profiles recruited.

Quick Facts About Mexico’s IT

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Different IT profiles hired by Intugo

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Mexican IT professionals are fully trained to perform in a variety of software languages, such as:

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Always getting new and exciting problems to solve, finding solutions is always great, been able to interact with people all over the world and learn about them.”

Ruben R. – Software Developer

Watch our video (below) that highlights some of our clients talent recruited by Intugo. You may also request case studies that highlight actual Intugo clients. Compare the Intugo model to your current outsourcing options..

Intugo’s unique business model makes it easy for companies of any size to establish their own nearshore software development operation in Mexico.

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