Guadalajara is considered a great IT hub in México. Sometimes referred to as the Silicon Valley of the region (from manufacturing companies installing operations, back in the 70’s), the city has become arguably the city where the biggest number of IT professionals are developed. Being a 6 million people metro area, other industries also thrive from the talent availability, particularly bilingual talent for Back Office and Call Center operations.

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Get to Know The Guadalajara Workforce

Guadalajara is one of the most important metropolis in Mexico. It is the second most populous city in the country, with 5,002,466 inhabitants, and the tenth largest Latin American city in regards of urban area, population and GDP.

Along with being one of the major cultural and tourist centers in Mexico, Guadalajara is the home of several universities of great national prestige, and frequently holds conferences concerning technology, innovation and science, creating an environment in which new talents and skills are always emerging.

Guadalajara’s Connected Infrastructure 

Guadalajara is well connected to many important cities, including Mexico City, through several modern highways, such as Mexico’s Interstate 15, the Federal Highway 80D, and the Federal Highway 54D.

It is also served by the Guadalajara International Airport, which allows successful business relationships with companies all over the world, especially the U.S., as it has direct flights with multiple American cities.


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Some Quick Facts about our location in Guadalajara:

Guadalajara has the third-largest economy and industrial infrastructure in Mexico. It is ranked in the top ten in Latin America in gross domestic product and the third highest ranking in Mexico. In its 2007 survey entitled “Cities of the Future”, FDi magazine ranked Guadalajara highest among major Mexican cities and designated Guadalajara as having the second strongest economic potential of any major North American city, behind Chicago. FDI ranked it as the most business-friendly Latin American city in 2007.

Guadalajara is the main producer of software, electronic and digital components in Mexico. Telecom and computer equipment from Guadalajara accounts for about a quarter of Mexico’s electronics exports. Thanks to this, the city has been nicknamed the “Silicon Valley of Mexico.”

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Intugo’s unique business model makes it easy for companies of any size to establish their own nearshore operation in Guadalajara, Mexico.

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