North American Union
Companies Turn to Mexico as Sourcing Option
September 19, 2019
Intugo Guadalajara
Packaged Staffing & Services Model Emerges in Sonora & Jalisco, Mexico
September 19, 2019
Mexico’s Sourcing Proposition Gets a Closer Look in Chicago

Rising minimum wages in the United States and the global demand for higher-performing IT professionals are among the key factors driving interest.

Total Finance began partnering with Intugo (formerly Vangtel), in Hermosillo, Mexico, about six months ago by leveraging Intugo’s “shelter model.” This partnership allowed Total Finance to focus on core competencies, such as business development and market expansion, while Intugo has supported the hiring, placement, and operations of the company’s customer-care functions. “The time savings has been amazing,” said Krahn. “Our managers are not spending a lot of time setting up interviews, and dealing with HR. These efficiencies are important to our overall business.”

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