Yes, we know running an operation in another country is challenging. We know the key to having a successful operation is the outstanding talent available in Mexico working for you.

Intugo specializes in getting you top talent by understanding your recruiting criteria and team chemistry to help you with the right fit you desire. Your team is dedicated to you and works only for your company, under your corporate standards, and complying with your standards. You have management control and Intugo supports your needs.

Many of our clients use their operations to support multiple departments such as software development, call center operations, tech support, BPO operation, accounting, engineering services, shared services, and other back office-type positions.

You may decide to have your existing corporate staff onsite as expats or we can help you hire a manager. Some clients have employees perform tasks that are managed remotely.

Our clients enjoy the flexibility of having any combination of jobs being performed in their operation. An example may be an operation that features software developers, graphic designers, accounting staff, or collections all under one roof.

Examples of client operations and talent:

Evolve Media President Brian Fitzgerald talks about the “Talent” pool in Mexico.

BPO and back office talent.

Software development and IT talent.

Call center talent.

Intugo’s unique business model makes it easy for companies of any size to establish their own nearshore operation in Mexico.

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