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June 8, 2020
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July 7, 2020

The Business Challenge behind COVID-19


At the end of the quarantine, some companies have found themselves faced with a great challenge, to return to normality. To be realistic, we know that those companies will never again operate in the same way as they did before the COVID-19 pandemic. However, we will have to get used to a new reality, new trends in business models, as well as remote work. The main objective of these companies is to achieve proper compliance with their operations, thinking outside the box.

In order to fulfill this objective, it is necessary to implement new strategies, which should be planned and executed based on tools such as work culture and process reengineering within an organization.

  • New work culture

Why do we consider that the culture of the workplace and the commitment of the members of the organization are fundamental for the fulfillment of objectives?

Well, culture is one of the major concerns of the management of a company, since it is the set of attitudes and values that define the way in which activities should be performed in the workplace. We know that by official regulations we must take the necessary measures to protect our customers and employees, being these a complete entity with the right to health and wellness. The implementation of policies in the organization must be defined and documented, allowing them to be communicated and understood by all members of the company. Due to the clear objectives of the policies, it will be necessary to control and monitor them.

Currently, companies are implementing measures such as programs for the timely detection of risks and identification of the most vulnerable talent, others have opted for prevention and containment measures for contagious situations. Intugo has adopted technical safety guidelines, by implementing filters and controls to help make the workplace safer and more comfortable for our community.

An example mentioned above is remote work, currently a trend in work culture. This concept model was implemented by Intugo since before the COVID-19 Pandemic for being a potential and innovative business model, where there has been evidence of greater productivity and lower costs, thanks to better use of new technologies and digitalization.

One process that has allowed an optimal performance in Intugo’s operations is communication. Technological tools, such as Zoom, Microsoft computers, and Google Hangouts, have been great remote meeting tools for effective communication processes in the organization.


Intugo Recruiters Zoom Meeting


  • Process reengineering

Reinventing the workplace in the face of a post-COVID-19 reality will consist of a fundamental review and radical redesign of an organization’s processes. By complying with this methodology, improvements in quality, cost, and service management systems will be achieved. The main objective is to reduce costs and increase the base company’s capital to the highest possible level of performance. We consider that reinvention is necessary for small and mid-size companies since it obtains more space in a market in constant evolution allowing the organization’s success to be achieved.



Post-quarantine Nearshore Operations

We know that facing strategic and operational risks after COVID-19, requires a phased and fully balanced approach. That is why some of the most successful companies are choosing to fulfill operational needs by nearshoring remote operations, allowing people to work together while remaining physically apart. In addition, it is important to mention that visiting your operations can be an efficient task, benefiting from the same time zones and geographical proximity. If you are looking for a company that has gone above and beyond and have the necessary experience in this field, Intugo should be the first company in mind. Being a company that has revolutionized the way of operating through technology and innovation over the years, focusing on valuable and indispensable factors such as reorganization and talent.

At Intugo we are committed to make your business grow and prosper, connecting you with professional, bilingual talents to support and establish your own Nearshore operation in Mexico. As a result, Intugo enables you to protect your unique culture, management approach, and intellectual property, by emulating the success of your business operations.

See our infographic about Intugo´s Technical Guideliness of Covid-19 

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