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Trazando tus Destinos: A conference for those who dream of seeing the world

Alan Estrada is a mexican actor with experience in theater, television and film, but it is
not his career that has made him famous, but an unusual, yet interesting hobby:
traveling around the world.

Alan has visited forty three countries in five different continents; for each place he’s
been to, there is more than fascinating anecdotes to tell and helpful travel tips to give:
there is a series of videos that take us through the experience of visiting new sites,
learning about different cultures and eating exotic foods.

While these videos started simply as a souvenir for his vacations, they have reached so
many people thanks to his Youtube channel; Alan x El Mundo. With more than 2 million
subscribers, that has been his full time job for several years now.

At Intugo, we believe that bringing cultures together helps us grow and prosper, and
that sharing experiences about traveling can inspire others to go out and see the world.
To get our community motivated, we organized a free event where experienced
travelers shared the many things they’ve learned during their trips and we discovered
The Power of Traveling with the conference of our special guest, Alan Estrada.

Around 1200 people of all ages attended this event completely free. After a simple
registration process, they got a welcoming kit and full access to the dialogue of experts
panel, the main conference by Alan Estrada, live music and a raffle to win a trip for two
people to any Mexican destination.

During the expert panel dialogue, these long time travelers gave us helpful tips for
choosing and making the most out of a destination, as well as their insight on how this
has changed their lives and even their perception of the world. It doesn’t matter if you
visit all of Europe or a small town in the middle of Sonora, there is always something
new to learn and priceless experiences to gather.

Then came The Power of Traveling, an amusing conference where Alan Estrada shared
the story of how he started to travel around the world, the impact this has had on his life
and the most valuable things he’s learned during those trips, trying to inspire people to
get out of the comfort zone and start seeing the wonders the world has to offer.

After the conference, we held a raffle in which all the attendees had the opportunity to
win a trip for two people to any Mexican destination. For the raffle there could only be
one winner, but everyone enjoyed the many surprises we had in the event from start to

As for the Intugo team, we were thrilled meeting all the people in our community that,
like us, believe that new cultures enrich our lives and perception of the world. We look
forward to the next event, where we’ll hopefully meet many more!

Alan X El Mundo: Trazando tus Destinos

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