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June 23, 2020
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Working On-site and Remotely


In recent years, an accelerated transformation has been seen in many environments, including economic, political, and technological, both at the professional and working levels. Within these changes is the working method, as it has adapted to new trends in business models. In the following content, we will focus on two work modalities, on-site work, and remote work.

We know that working on-site or in a traditional way carries out the business idea in the face to face practice while remote work focuses on the performance of the professional activity without the physical presence of the worker in a company. So what do these work models have in common? The answer is simple, its purpose is to increase business productivity, but achieving it’s not at all an easy task. Indeed, it’s necessary for a small or mid-sized company to start growing and expanding with a high level of competitiveness and profitability.



Working on-site and working remotely at the same time, impossible?

If your answer is a definite no, you’re right, it’s not impossible. Recently, it has been widely recognized that both modalities have high productivity rates. That’s why Intugo has implemented both methods in its unique business model. One factor that has influenced its decision making is the commitment to seek new ideas and concepts in order to create opportunities and solve the needs of a society through constant innovation. These two modalities have required two indispensable factors to be able to adapt to the cultural change and the operations or activities carried out in the organization, being these the leadership, and commitment of the workforce.

When both modalities are implemented correctly, great benefits are obtained in the organization, below we will show the most relevant of them:


  • Cost savings

Achieving the maximum profit with the least possible expenses is one of the most important objectives of companies. Structural costs, as well as printing, logistics, travel management, and transportation, can be reduced by implementing both modalities, on-site, and remote work.

  • Optimization of activities or operations

By optimizing your company’s activities, optimal levels of efficiency are achieved, allowing them to be more competitive, profitable, and differentiated in the market by the quality of processes and customer service. It is important to mention that a deficient process generates higher costs and if it’s a core process it decreases competitiveness and eventually affects the company’s profitability.

  • Solid organizational culture

A strong organizational culture keeps your company’s core values at the forefront of every activity or day-to-day operation of your organization whether working on-site or home office. According to investigations, the creation of a solid organizational culture has an impact on the morale, motivation, satisfaction, and productivity of the entire company.


The use of digital tools

on-site and remote blog intugoIn this blog, we have seen how Intugo provides a solution to a specific business need, but right now you are probably wondering how can you manage or control your team on-site and remotely? The answer is quite easy, through the use of new technologies. Following we recommend you digital tools that with the help of internal web-based systems such as an ERP, CRM will help your employees to work on-site or remotely.  These digital tools include Slack (Team communication platform and chat rooms), Microsoft Teams (Communication and Collaboration platform, Online meetings and chats, file storage, and application integration), Zoom (Software platform, Online meetings, and chats), Dropbox (File hosting service, cloud storage, and client software), and Google Suite (Suite of cloud computing, productivity and communication tools). Recall that through the use of these technological tools we have been able to drive the growth and improvement of operations, as well as commercial communication, production optimization, inventory management, and financial record keeping.

At Intugo, we have specialized in helping companies in creating and managing productive teams. With “remote” being as close as ever, we are committed to providing the best in class service for your nearshore strategies. Our unique business model allows you to build your team in Mexico without sacrificing your own management culture and leadership.

See our infographic about Remote Work


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