Let our experts guide you through a step-by-step process, lowering your total cost of operation while focusing your back home team to core activities.

Producing more and more data seems to be constant in our times. The new normal only increased its need and amount. That means more work: data downloading, data cleaning, spreadsheet creation, report generation, over and over again. And then an update is needed….it never ends.

That is putting pressure on Finance and Accounting departments. Lots of time spent in non-core activities. Less time analyzing the result of all that data crunching. Less time talking to customers. Less time analyzing insights.

Maybe more people are needed.

Through our service “Administrative Teams”, not only you are able to get dedicated professionals eager to work in administrative activities, but also allow the core activities back home to have the properly assigned capacity. And that is only the beginning. Making sure all processes add value, over and over again, is the job to do.

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Our “Administrative Teams” Service has proven to be a success in areas such as:

Accounts Payable (AP)

Report Preparation


Accounts Receivable (AR)

Records Reconciliation


Data Cleansing

Spreadsheet Preparation

Not only do you get an outsourcing regular service, you get more:

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Intugo’s Administrative Teams increases your nearshore and core teams productivity, while back-office tasks become more efficient.

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Stability, Value & Productivity

Stability, Value & Productivity

An organization’s values lays the foundation for what the company cares most about, focus on the core competencies that drive value to your customers. When an organization has a high level of productivity it is most likely to increase its stability.

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Minimize Risk & Liabilities

Minimize Risk & Liabilities

Intugo enables clients to protect their unique culture, management approach, and intellectual property. Our model allows you to tap on the right talent, which combined with your control and our bundle of services, makes the perfect combination.

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Process Efficiencies / Optimizing Your Back Office

Process Efficiencies / Optimizing Your Back Office

With help from our Administrative Teams Services, increasing productivity from both your nearshore and core teams, back-office tasks become more efficient. Optimize resources to maximize talent by benchmarking performance and reengineer/improve procedures, where necessary.

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Maximizing Your Investment

Maximizing Your Investment

Intugo turns your challenges into an opportunity to reinvest in the front line of your business.

Quick Facts About Intugo


Positions in our total head count


Of our operations are bilingual


Recruiting from all over Mexico


Coworking facilities

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I found Intugo’s Engagement Team to be highly capable, competent and easy to work with. They delivered an execution plan to build and develop our nearshore team in Mexico with the best interests of our State side operation in mind. I relied on my Engagement Leader to carry the ball to ensure our teams had established communication channels and were well trained on their respective functions so we could launch quickly. The Engagement team came through! They leveraged the tools we had in-house to transfer the targeted tasks seemlessly from our Customer Operations Team to our nearshore team, we launched new customer growth initiatives in half the time from previous years.”


Neil Chamness | VP of Finance & Corporate Operations | Carlin Group

For engaging your team you must assist through:

Vision & Strategy

Develop a vision for your company according to its values, purpose and desired image. Remember decision making is essential to achieve your objectives.

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Strategy Intugo

Team Structure

A solid structure is overriding for growing and being profitable.

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Recruit and Develop Team

By executing a good recruitment, you will reduce the turnover and loss rates, as well as help you find the right talent for your company.
Keep in mind, your employees represent who you are as a company.

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Recruit Intugo

Implementation & Roll Out State-Side Team

Succeeding may not be an easy task, but if your company members have timeliness, costs savings and content consistency, you have implemented the right method for approaching your objective.

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Roll Out Intugo

Mexico’s proximity to the U.S. allows you to find talent that understand -and sometimes even share- american culture, so your company can keep the identity that has always had. Similar time zones are also a huge advantage of proximity, as real-time communication is always available.

Mexican talent is eager to be part of a company that helps them grow as professionals. With about 115,000 engineers graduating in Mexico every year, many of them speaking english fluently, all of your operations, no matter how big or small, will be performed by highly skilled professionals, recruited to suit your particular needs.

Resource Center

How to Optimize Data Management

Optimize Data ManagementA never-ending increase in the amount of data?

Check out this Intugo’s whitepaper, where The Carlin Group company needed to optimize their data management.

In this whitepaper, we will analyze how the company has been able to boost the performance of its operations with the implementation of a new program focused on managing data versus analyzing data by Intugo’s unique business model and its engagement leader service.

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Boomer Challenge

Companies today face many challenges, one of them being the retirement of baby boomers and new technologies.

But how about making the most of the experience of our group of boomers, allowing them to focus on what they do best while your team of young professionals takes over repetitive and time-consuming functions and tasks for your core team!

Check out the following whitepaper to learn more about the benefits of this unique alternative.

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Got Data?

Too much data and not enough staff?

In this white paper, Intugo explains how the advance of new technologies has increased the amount of data in our companies and how it has impacted our workforce.

But what alternative is left to solve the need to make the most of data? The perfect combination of onshore-nearshore, either remote or onsite!

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Flinn Scientific

In this whitepaper, we can analyze how the Flinn Scientific company has successfully achieved an increase in productivity rates and how these results exceeded the company’s perspective.

Discover how Intugo’s co-working model and its technological infrastructure have proved to be two valuable drivers for the problem-solving of this company.

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Testimonial Videos

Flinn Scientific Testimonial

Carlin Group Testimonial

Engagement Services BPO

Infographic Engagement Intugo

Infographic: Introducing the add-on of Intugo’s Business Model – Engagement Services BPO

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Data-Related Workload

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Infographic: Is your team overwhelmed by Data-Related workload?

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Bigger workload? Increased struggle?

Infographic Engagement Intugo

Infographic: Bigger workload? Increased struggle? Engagement Services Benefits

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Baby Boomers and Technology

Infographic Engagement Intugo

Infographic: The Challenge of our Generation – Baby Boomers and Technology

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Intugo’s Engagement Team Model provides stability, value and productivity


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