Our Management Team


Félix Tonella

General Manager


+52 662 212 2443

Arturo Rodríguez

VP of Business Development


+52 662 212 2443

Michael Mocilac

Business Development Manager

Director of Marketing

(520) 850-1269

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    What separates Intugo from the rest



    We strive to be on the cutting edge of global technology, always improving our expertise as individuals, colleagues, and as a company. Our experience helps our customers remain productive by enabling them to focus on their core business.


    Our efficient processes keep costs down while our global focus ensures our prices remain competitive. This allows us to offer the best practices and services available, at rates that are beneficial to our clients, our employees, and ourselves.

    Empathetic towards clients

    We offer personalized services to our clients, fully understanding their unique needs and processes. We ascribe great value to each customer, maintaining steady communication and constantly discovering intelligent ways to help them grow.

    Reliable and Transparent

    Trust is the foundation of our relationships with all colleagues and clients. We earn trust by working as a team to deliver efficient and effective services with honest communication. We strive to meet and exceed expectations so our clients can have the peace of mind to truly focus on their core business.

    Exceptional Service

    We work together to fully understand our clients and their business, with efficiency and steady communication as our main priority. We approach all tasks with great effort and enthusiasm, constantly seeking feedback to measure our quality of service

    Our Locations


    With three different world class locations, your team can work into the best facility that will satisfy your every need.

    • Hermosillo Vado Blvd. Rio Sonora #110 int. 13 Col. Hacienda de la Flor CP. 83090

      • Hermosillo Plaza Girasol Blvd. Solidaridad #56 int. 6 Col. Sahuaro C.P. 83178

      • Hermosillo Metrocentro Blvd. Solidaridad #186 Col. Raquet Club CP. 83200



    Find the right place for your team in the modern facilities this small city of quick progress has to offer.

    • Parque Tecnológico Sonora Soft  (Building A) Prolongación Blvd. Colonial 300 Sur Col. Urbivilla del Rey C.P. 85136

    • Parque Tecnológico Sonora Soft  (Building B) Prolongación Blvd. Colonial 300 Sur Col. Urbivilla del Rey C.P. 85136


    Get your team to work into the modern facilities you can find at this technology-driven city.

    • Guadalajara Tizoc 97 Col. Ciudad Del Sol CP. 45050

    • Guadalajara Torre Meya Av. Adolfo Lopez Mateos Sur #2220 Col. Ciudad del Sol CP. 45050