No matter how small your need, your call center will always provide big service through Intugo.

Our experts help you mix your business culture, industry best practices and our country’s local culture not only to recruit the best possible team but to help get to where you are going, with ease

Intugo’s CoWorking Model, allows small companies to quickly start, even with a team of ONE.

Our team helps you get the best of:

Your brand / Your team
Payroll and Benefits Administration
Your team in a coworking space
Recruiting for small teams
HR Activities
Your clients need the right infrastructure.
The right market, the right facility

Here are examples of current client operations:

  • Customer care operation for large US consumer brands

  • Tech support for internal corporate departments within their company

  • Network operations support for North America locations

  • Accounts receivable and collections for North American consumer accounts

  • B-to-B account management support

  • Bilingual Inbound lead nurturing, lead generation and consumer sales

Intugo’s unique business model makes it easy for companies of any size to establish their own nearshore call center operation in Mexico. Intugo connects you to Mexico’s top rated bilingual talent that you require to make your operation a success.
Your call center operation is considered captive since you will have the opportunity to manage it the way you see fit and emulate the successes of your current operations.

With Intugo, you have the option of establishing a small operation with a few dedicated full time employees in our shared environment, or a dedicated office that is built to suit your exact needs for as many employees as you need.

The call center operations that Intugo supports include customer service, collections, account management, tech support, inbound sales, lead generation and much more.

Your call center team is recruited by us to your exact specifications and you make the hiring decision just as you would in your internal operation. Your team is trained by you and follows your instruction. Intugo’s locations operate in the same time zones as the US.

Quick Facts About Small Operations


No. of Different Back office Positions at Intugo


Avg difference in cost between Nearshore and Inshore

quote large op

I used to run a 10 people team for my former employer, through Intugo at one of their coworking facilities. Now I work for somebody else. First thing I recommend: ‘Let’s create a team with Intugo. Easy, fast, cost effective’. I wouldn’t do it with anybody else”

Quote from former account manager working for an existing client.

Watch our video that highlights a captive call center supported by Intugo. You may also request case studies that highlight actual Intugo clients. Compare the Intugo model to your current outsourcing options.

Intugo’s unique business model makes it easy for companies of any size to establish their own nearshore call center operation in Mexico.

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