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The global pandemic caused by COVID-19 has impacted our day-to-day lives, causing unprecedented outages in our economy. At Intugo, one of our top priorities is our customers, and for this reason, we have chosen to innovate our unique business model.

With our remote work modality, our current clients have the flexibility to establish their operation in Mexico and benefit from a collaborative, integrated, and planned work alternative. The Intugo team is in charge of developing and executing 100% remote processes so that your off-site operation works efficiently. Some of the tasks to be fulfilled include online recruitment of the best bilingual talent, online payroll, and many more!

By operating remotely, you have the opportunity to manage your operation from any part of the world. If working from home is the best alternative for your company, but your team needs to be trained on-site, our hybrid model is your solution. Go hybrid and enjoy setting up your operation online, providing you the added capability of on-site training, and then continue to perform your non-traditional modality or the other way around!

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Working remotely allows me to make better use of my time, it saves me the time of commuting to an office, not to mention avoiding traffic and fuel costs. It also allows me to carry out my work from different locations, for example from my parents house, a friends house or in a hotel outside my city”

Edgar C. – API Developer / Platform Engineer

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Successful Remote Operations

Because working on-site and remotely simultaneously seems to be challenging but not impossible, go hybrid.

Home Office Works for Those Who Know How to Work it

What is Remote Working, and why has it been so popular during Pandemic?

In this white paper, we provide you with the information that will lead you to decide to set up your remote operation. The results of this modality have been successful, such as a reduction in attrition and increasing productivity by 15%.  

We know that behind every successful project, there is a team with efficient strategic management. Click here to learn about the three key variables that will serve as a tool for the success of your operation.

White paper about Remote Staffing and how to make it work

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Intugo’s unique business model makes it easy for companies of any size to establish their own nearshore remote operation in Mexico.

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