Our legal outsourcing service allows you to reduce spending on non-core activities while increasing your investment for sustainable growth.

As the legal industry has experienced a substantial annual growth rate of +31% in legal process outsourcing since 2014, Intugo serves as a strategic partner for firms looking to leverage this trend. Our solution facilitates a reduction in spending on non-core activities, allowing increased investment for sustainable growth.

Intugo seamlessly integrates your business culture, industry best practices, and our country’s local culture, ensuring recruitment is tailored to fulfill your specific needs. Legal professionals choose Intugo to handle tasks such as researching, generating leads, conducting paralegal work, and providing virtual client services.

Intugo simplifies operations, offering cost savings and efficiencies of outsourcing combined with the power and control of establishing your operation in Mexico. We enable you to focus on what matters most while we handle the rest. Explore the Intugo advantage and discover how our business model has garnered praise from industry leaders like Bob Wannamaker, President of Camino Promotions.

Graphic about Intugo's legal outsourcing services in Mexico

Our experts specialize in helping you grow your team in Mexico, seamlessly integrating your business culture, industry best practices, and our country’s local culture. We go beyond merely recruiting the best possible team; we assist you in navigating your journey with ease.

Join the firms in the legal industry that have chosen Intugo as their partner to:

Investment in the Industry

Generate leads

  • Research, evaluate, and track leads
  • Make outgoing calls
  • Follow-up on leads
  • Email campaigns to prospects
  • Customer research
  • Maintaining leads database
Paralegal nearshore

Conduct paralegal work

  • Prepare and review legal documents
  • Communicate and provide updates to clients
  • Organize and upload documents from clients
  • Administrate and provide quotes
  • Create a record chart for each client case
  • Conduct legal research as needed
Client Service Legal

Provide virtual client service

  • Booking and confirming consultations
  • Initiate the pre-engagement glide path
  • Administrative tasks
  • Provide updates to customers
  • Answering questions
  • Correcting claims that have been rejected

Rest assured your business will be represented with integrity, strengthening your reputation in the legal landscape.

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Why Intugo?

Intugo is all about convenience, making your legal outsourcing services company easier. We combine the cost savings and efficiencies of outsourcing legal services with the power and control of establishing your own operation in Mexico.

What we do?

Intugo allows you to expand your company without giving up what makes you great. We find the best talent for you and save you a lot of time and money in legal process outsourcing services. Focus on what matters to you and your legal business, we take care of the rest.

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How we do it

Intugo Business Model

Quick Facts about Outsourcing Legal Services

legal annual growth icon

Global annual growth rate since 2014 in the legal process outsourcing

icon legal industry reduce costs

in cost savings compared to USA in jobs such as Paralegal (including Intugo's fees)

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of law firms report that outsource lawyers “resulted in significant improvement in firm performance.”


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Our excellent Mexico team is committed to providing the same high-quality services that our US customers are accustomed to. We look forward to building new partnerships and helping businesses achieve their goals.”

-Bob Wannamaker, President of Camino Promotions

Camino Promotions facilities with Intugo
Camino Promotions facilities at Intugo

Watch our video that highlights the Intugo business model. You may also request case studies that highlight actual Intugo clients. Compare the Intugo model to your current outsourcing options.

Intugo’s unique business model makes it easy for companies of any size to establish their own

  Nearshore Operation in Mexico.

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