Infrastructure, talent availability, working space, market knowledge and visibility, are all part of Intugo’s mid-size operations solutions.

“Whether you have an IT team, or a big call center, services from Intugo help your company not only to set it up, but to make it grow without sacrifice”.

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BPO Mid-Size Teams

mid operations intugo

Call Center Mid-Size Teams

Quick Facts About Intugo


People are recruited by Intugo for our clients every year.


The Majority of our Mid-size operations have started with a pilot of less then 10 people.


Most of the managers working directly for our clients in these operations are Mexican Nationals

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Intugo´s existing clients have more than one site with us, in different cities.


Our first client, a mid-size operation, has been with us for 11 years

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Your Operation, Just Like Back Home. You Get More Than a Regular Outsourcing Service. Send us a Message:

Our company uses different outsourcers from all over the world. Once we got to know Intugo’s business model, we requested all our vendors from other countries to use this model as the basis of how we wanted to do business with them. It´s transparent, and very productive. We love it”

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The Intugo Business Model

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Things to take into account if you are nearshoring a mid-size team


Communicate with your team as much as possible. In person meetings are always better than remote.

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Communication Intugo


Set your growth expectations and be sure to communicate them. If you’ll be needing more space, it’s important to know it rather sooner than later.

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Mid Growth Intugo

Business Culture

Bring your own business culture as much as possible. Replicate what already works for you back home. Support the team morale by making sure your team knows and feels part of something bigger.

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Business Culture Intugo


Mexico has a large young population looking for professional growth. You can embrace this situation in your favor.

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Youth Intugo

Mexican Culture

People in Mexico like to combine business and recreation, business meetings at the dinner table are welcomed!

Mexicans are proud of their jobs and very hardworking. For them, team spirit comes naturally.

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Mexican Culture Intugo

Mexico’s proximity to the U.S. allows you to find talent that understand -and sometimes even share- american culture, so your company can keep the identity that has always had. Similar time zones are also a huge advantage of proximity, as real-time communication is always available.

Mexican talent is eager to be part of a company that helps them grow as professionals. With about 115,000 engineers graduating in Mexico every year, many of them speaking english fluently, all of your operations, no matter how big or small, will be performed by highly skilled professionals, recruited to suit your particular needs.

Intugo’s unique business model makes it easy for companies of any size to establish their own mid-size nearshore operation in Mexico.

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