two persons talking with a tablet in hand at Intugo BPO facilities
The Current State of Technology in Mexico
May 19, 2023
Outsource to Mexico blog
What is outsourcing to Mexico?
June 19, 2023
two persons talking with a tablet in hand at Intugo BPO facilities
The Current State of Technology in Mexico
May 19, 2023
Outsource to Mexico blog
What is outsourcing to Mexico?
June 19, 2023
Nearshore software development in Mexico: Ten benefits

Nearshore Software Development in Mexico: Ten Benefits


Before citing the benefits of nearshore software development in Mexico, it is necessary to define the concept.

software development in mexicoNearshore software development involves getting a supplier, geographically and culturally close, to participate in all or different aspects of a software development project. This provider must have a group of highly qualified professionals capable of carrying out the client’s tasks on time and with the highest quality standards. Access to a team to perform nearshore software development in Mexico can be facilitated by Intugo.

This service varies depending on the needs of each company. For example, Intugo can create teams from scratch with different professional profiles designed to meet goals that have been established.

Instead of having the work done in a faraway country, nearshoring is attractive in a crisis scenario. Because of this fact, this blog post will delve into some critical benefits of strategies for software development when companies nearshore their work with the right partner. These benefits are:

  • Allows the creation of flexible teams
  • It gives access to a highly specialized talent pool
  • Provide proactive staff
  • Better communication enables proper supervision
  • Allows the agile integration of new members
  • Reduce costs
  • Works within a similar legal framework
  • Offers a nearshore partner with decades of experience
  • Improves product quality
  • Reduces risk and improves return on investment


Ten key benefits that nearshoring can bring to your business:

The benefits of choosing to near software development in Mexico go far beyond cost reduction. Below we have noted some of them:

  1. Nearshoring software development in Mexico with Intugo allows for flexible team building

outsource software development mexicoIntugo can create dedicated teams capable of carrying out specific projects but can also be part of a Staff Augmentation strategy.

In these cases, the roles required at different stages of the development process are expected to evolve. For example, specialists in specific areas, such as DevOps, may be necessary initially. Still, the project may need other skills and profiles in the later stages of the same development project. Intugo can find the right human resources to fill these needs.

  1. Gives access to a highly specialized talent pool

The exchange rate of the local currency against the dollar has made highly trained and technical roles working from Mexico more financially accessible.

If you want to reduce costs and positively impact the project, access to Intugo’s rigorous contracting processes is crucial.

Intugo also works to understand the organizational culture of its potential partners. An environment where learning is encouraged, knowledge is shared, and each contributor is part of a community that helps them improve and solve technical problems are promising signs.

Soft skills are another critical element to consider. A good nearshore partner such as Intugo factors skills like communication and leadership into their recruiting process to develop software in Mexico.

  1. Cultural proximity allows for initiative-taking staff

Another advantage of nearshoring with Intugo over other outsourcing strategies is that clients’ cultural and geographic differences are relatively small.

Similar time zones or visiting a nearshore facility within a few hours of flight greatly simplify project management. However, the advantages of this proximity go much further.

A good nearshore partner such as Intugo can meet assigned objectives. In addition, the company’s cultural proximity allows its professional staff to understand a potential client’s needs. For this reason, it is normal for Intugo to go beyond the scope of its assigned tasks to contribute ideas and proposals that significantly increase the value of the company’s service.

  1. Nearshoring with IntugoBetter communication gives you proper supervision

Cultural proximity can also simplify tasks related to project supervision. Having an external partner does not mean we can sit back and wait for the results. On the contrary, a close and fluid relationship between the client and Intugo is necessary to ensure that the software development project in Mexico fully meets the objectives.

Many IT professionals in Mexico have a high level of English, which, coupled with cultural similarities, allows the team leader to assign tasks, respond to queries, and track progress quickly and effectively.

  1. Allows the agile integration of new members

One of the critical advantages of nearshoring with Intugo is the ability to speed up development projects. In a successful nearshore strategy, the external team must get to work quickly, efficiently, and without friction.

Intugo has access to a robust talent pool to meet these challenges. However, it is also essential that the talent provided has the experience and soft skills that allow them to integrate into new projects in the most agile way possible.

  1. Reduce costs

Software Develop Intugo

Cost reduction is one of the most apparent benefits of nearshore software development in Mexico. However, due to the competitiveness of the global economy, many companies have decided to invest more time and resources in strengthening their value proposition.

The technical capabilities of Mexican professionals allow companies that offer nearshoring services to provide a very competitive balance in terms of price and quality.

Other outsourcing strategies, such as those used by providers in India or Eastern Europe, can sometimes offer more pronounced cost reductions. However, these options offer little added value compared to the contributions that a nearshore Mexican team can make due to its ability to propose solutions and make contributions that go beyond the simple objective achievement.

  1. Work in a similar legal framework

A successful nearshore strategy needs a provider in a country with a favorable legal environment. Mexico is such a country.

One of the main concerns in this regard is usually related to protecting intellectual property. However, paying attention to possible tax benefits and data protection regulations is also essential. Mexico’s intellectual property protection is similar to that of the United States.

  1. Offer suppliers with decades of experience

Mexico has more than 30 years of experience in the software development business. In addition, this work is supported by long-standing relationships with major players in finance, fintech, and retail.

  1. Improve the quality of your product

Intugo IT TeamNearshore software development in Mexico improves your product because Intugo can find you testing specialists capable of using QA tests to ensure the quality of your software.

Having a nearshore partner gives you the resources to react quickly to opportunities, creating products and services that get to market quickly.

In addition, the release-based development methodologies that many nearshore vendors work with allow you to have greater control over your product development and catch bugs that could impact ROI if you need the tools to catch them early.

  1. Reduce risks and improve ROI

This benefit should not come as a surprise. We have already discussed many aspects by which a nearshore operation with Intugo can help you reduce risks and improve delivery times and product quality. This is in addition to the reduction in costs you achieve without sacrificing the experience of the professionals working on your project.

We can only highlight one more thing. Thanks to nearshore software development in Mexico, you will be able to react quickly to difficulties and unforeseen events that may affect the ROI of your project.

The geographical and cultural proximity of the suppliers, together with their experience in successful projects, ensures that problems such as poor performance or lack of communication will not likely affect the smooth running of a project. Please get in touch with Intugo if you would like to put together a team to do nearshore software development in Mexico.

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