BPO in Mexico
BPO in Mexico
January 31, 2023
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March 13, 2023

Contact Centers in Mexico Provide a Competitive Advantage

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Over the last several decades, contact centers in Mexico have become synonymous with excellence. Not only have local players been able to enter their domestic sector successfully, but the volume of service that the sector provides to offshore consumers continues to grow. This is not surprising, considering the efforts in Mexico by contact center professionals, the industry as a whole, and some support provided by governmental entities.

The foundation of Mexico’s success in the global market is due to its historical legacy as a diverse country with a young and capable workforce. In addition, companies and outsourced service providers have chosen to locate their operations in Mexico based on the country’s favorable cost of doing business, proximity to home offices in the United States, and its US-friendly business culture.

For 2023 and beyond, the future looks bright for the continued growth of contact centers in Mexico.

The global economy has recently experienced a recovery from the challenges imposed by the Covid 19 pandemic. This means that consumer demand will drive voice and non-voice interactions. Current demand from North America should also be considered, as agents working in contact centers in Mexico provide multilingual support for end users in the US and Canada. Broadly speaking, the historical growth rate of the contact center sector in Mexico does not show any sign of exhaustion or decline.


The unique nearshore position of contact centers in Mexico

Mexico has a unique status in the global contact center service market regarding nearshore services. Its proximity to the United States and its easy access by land and air results in optimal accessibility for executives who wish to visit their nearshore operations. It is worth mentioning that the air connections between the two countries have never been better than at present. This means that there are more direct flights between the main cities on both sides of the border and shorter travel times. On any given day, a US-based executive with a contact center in Mexico might travel to visit his facility south of the border in the morning and return that same night to sleep in their own bed.

Likewise, as the United States – Mexico – Canada Free Trade Agreement partners, Mexico’s close and vital economic relationship with Canada should not be forgotten. Mexico has proven to be a destination where reliable English-language work can be done for American and Canadian consumers. As executives in Canada continue to look for nearshore solutions for establishing contact centers, Mexico will continue to be a strong candidate for their increasing business.


A legacy of excellence in contact centers in MexicoContact Center JCurve Intugo Nearshore

No one in the service outsourcing sector can underestimate the impact of Mexico’s successful history in attracting many of the most prominent players in the contact center services sector. More to the point, industry executives only decide to invest in a country with abundant well-educated, multilingual human talent, an excellent real estate market, and a stable business climate.

In the case of Mexico, companies like Intugo have provided excellent human resources, infrastructure, and an environment of stability for their customers. After all, the names of the companies that have chosen to establish themselves in Mexico are leading companies in customer service. This result is due to the high level of development of the Mexican outsourcing sector itself, which is one of the most dynamic markets in the world.


Regional capacity and diversity

The need for companies that establish nearshore operations to increase their volume of business within a particular market must be addressed. This is an area in which Mexico has a significant advantage over many of its nearshore competitors. This is because Mexico offers multiple urban areas from which multilingual services can be delivered. To meet its customers’ needs, Intugo has several world-class locations at which potential customers can choose to establish Mexican operations.

Few countries in the world can provide such a diverse platform on such a scale. Within the geographical zones that are best positioned to serve North America, Mexico is one of the few that can fully take advantage of this significant advantage.


Intugo Nearshore Contact Center ServiceContact Intugo to establish your Mexican contact center.

In 2023 and beyond, contact centers in Mexico are prepared to take advantage of the growth in demand for non-traditional services. Forward-thinking companies must drive their internal capabilities toward incorporating technologically robust ones. These include automation, artificial intelligence, and advanced analytics. Delivering front-line service will be vital to developing Mexican added value to customers in the United States and the rest of the world.   Intugo is the perfect partner with whom to achieve this goal.

Viewed from the global contact center market perspective, Mexico has much of which to be proud of. It is home to a large and growing industry that serves a multitude of markets, both foreign and domestic. This is a significant achievement that has been made over the last several decades and will continue to be the case in 2023 and beyond. Contact Intugo’s professionals to establish your company’s contact center in Mexico.

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