HR Outsourcing Mexico
Advantages of HR Outsourcing in Mexico
March 27, 2023
Camino Promotions is Partnering in Mexico with Intugo
April 17, 2023
HR Outsourcing Mexico
Advantages of HR Outsourcing in Mexico
March 27, 2023
Camino Promotions is Partnering in Mexico with Intugo
April 17, 2023

The Process of Recruitment and Selection in Mexico


blog recruitment processRecruitment and selection in Mexico is a critically important process in which businesses and companies hire talented people to fill a position in their Mexican operations. For this reason, it is imperative to have a partner such as Intugo to help you devise a planning or recruitment strategy. Remember, without the necessary human capital, no business can succeed in a nearshore environment.

It is usually the Human Resources department that is in charge of carrying out the process of recruitment and selection in Mexico. But, it often happens that many foreign companies do not have this capacity in-house and must have an experienced partner to guide them.

A poor selection of personnel can cause problems for any business since human capital is one of the most significant tangible assets of companies.


What is the process of recruitment and selection in Mexico?

Recruitment is the process through which the search for candidates for interviews and later hiring begins to fill vacant positions within the business. During it, we look for the right people to fit into our
client’s needs through actions such as events, online publications, social networks, word of mouth, or job search platforms.

blog recruitment selection process intugoIn the personnel selection process, which is included in the recruitment, those that are in charge of specific services such as: selecting resumes, discarding candidates, and selecting those who are most qualified to contact them. Then, again, make calls to selected people, do personalized preliminary interviews, etc.

Recruitment and selection in Mexico is vital, especially when looking for new talent or when you receive a large number of resumes, as it would take too much time and cost to interview all candidates. But, on the other hand, carrying out these processes would save a great deal of time and cost, in addition to discarding those who are not suitable for your business, either because they do not have the professionalism or experience or because they do not fit with the values and culture of the client company.

Differences between recruitment and selection of personnel

From the previous section, you have been able to deduce the main differences between recruitment and selection in Mexico. Even so, we will explain the main differences between the two processes

  • Recruitment is an initial stage, while personnel selection is one of the final phases.
  • Recruitment does not have to be part of a selection process since candidates often arrive independently to apply for a job.
  • We would need coordination with the human resources department for the personnel selection process, if any.
  • The recruitment phase evaluates profiles, while the selection phase executes actions and tactics to incorporate personnel into the business.

What are the stages of recruitment and selection in Mexico?

To recruit and select personnel for your business as a natural person, Intugo considers a series of stages to ensure that suitable candidates are hired to fill your position.

Analysis of needs and definition of the profile

The first step Intugo takes is to work with the client to define the needs of your business, to know the positions that need to be filled, the new positions that will be opened, or the role they will play in the

By analyzing the needs and the positions to be filled, we can define the needed functions and what is expected of the applicant. Thus we arrive at the definition of the ideal profile required and its character so that it adjusts to the company’s values and can be easily integrated into the work group.

These are the selection criteria, and we must evaluate things such as activities to be carried out skills and experience requested, technical knowledge, level of study, ability to work in a team or under pressure, and the activities and responsibilities of the position.


In this process phase, the sources or means we will use to attract potential candidates who will fill the vacancy are determined. Next, we need to develop a series of actions to find suitable profiles, among which we find: posting job offers, looking for recommendations, databases, or searching on social networks.

Announcing the job offer in multiple media and platforms will increase your visibility.

One of the most important things during this phase is how you convey the message: the job offer and its requirements. They must be clear and the proposal competitive.

Review of applications and pre-selection

After publishing the offer in the different available media, the reception of CVs and the pre-selection of candidates begins. In this part of the process of recruitment and selection in Mexico, we must consider the definition of the profile we made previously and the needs of our client’s business.

When we have a broad base of possibilities, we will need to evaluate all the profiles in detail, making a preliminary selection of those interested who meet the expectations that our customer has for the

Reduce the number of resumes to those who have more experience, skills, or studies in the areas to be covered. Remember that this stage is a filter of candidates to keep those most suitable for the following steps and the final selection.

Therefore, if possible, it would be interesting to make an initial call to give you a more precise idea of the candidate’s profile. However, calling candidates directly for an interview just because we have
received their resume will generate double the work and interviews for you. Therefore, filtering is an essential and vital step in Intugo’s efforts to help their clients to hire the right person for the right job.

Interview and evaluation

When we have filtered the candidates for our clients and have a defined number of applicants, the evaluation and interview phase of the process can begin.

The evaluation process consists of identifying the data and qualifying the candidates based on the characteristics that our client has defined in the profile for the position to be filled so that we can verify if they meet the criteria.

Initial interview. We will meet with the candidates to verify their skills, ask them about their experience, resolve doubts, or ask generic questions. This is usually quick and superficial to continue to filter and rule out applicants who do not meet the necessary characteristics and requirements.

Knowledge test. If the position to be filled needs to evaluate theoretical or practical skills, a brief examination of technical knowledge will be carried out to measure efficiency and productivity.

Final interview. The last interview is when an Intugo client can finish getting to know the final candidates selected after the previous tests. This is usually more formal and is carried out by the client’s representative to verify important details.

In this phase of the process of recruitment and personnel selection in Mexico, the most important thing is to ask questions that lead to getting to know the candidates better, what they intend to achieve when they start working, their objectives that they believe they can achieve in the client’s business, etc.

Selection and recruitment

After conducting the necessary evaluations and interviews to find the ideal candidate, it is time for the Intugo client to make decisions and choose the right person who best suits the professional profile that their business needs.

After selecting the candidate, there must be a meeting where the functions and activities to be fulfilled in his position are detailed. Remember that in Mexico, there are different types of labor contracts.

If you do not reach any agreement, consider one or more other candidates who have participated in the selection process.

Onboarding and training

Finally, in Intugo’s recruitment and selection process, there is the stage of incorporating the worker into the client company’s operations. At this stage, training is critical since it will be verified that the theoretical, practical, and expectations are met.

With the training process, we ensure that the candidate meets the requirements and activities of his position, assessing the levels of efficiency, integration, satisfaction, etc.

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Why is the process of recruitment and selection in Mexico important?

When a correct recruitment and selection process is carried out, staff turnover is reduced, and the choice of candidates who meet the necessary skills and who complement the business values is facilitated.

The primary purpose is to achieve an organized, transparent, and fair process that helps Intugo clients to develop their business in Mexico and to find the right people to form a great work team.


An effective process of recruitment and selection in Mexico is of great process because:

  • Decreases turnover and increases employee morale: when a good process is carried out, selecting profiles with the right personalities and skills translates into happier workers. This is because we build an environment and culture adapted to employees’ preferences, achieving greater retention, which also causes greater efficiency and higher profits.
  • A strong pool of applicants: by spending the necessary time searching for candidates with the different means at Intugo’s disposal, we achieve more efficient resources and generate a more qualified and larger pool of applicants for our clients.
  • Shorter processes: if we have a well-designed process of recruitment and selection in Mexico, we will have a more straightforward and faster hiring process. With this, the interruption of services due to a lack of personnel will be better controlled.

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In short, an adequate process of recruitment and selection in Mexico that is aided by the experts at Intugo will help you find the right talent with the characteristics and skills your business requires to continue growing and be competitive in the global market.

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